Some kind words from students I’ve tutored…

“The following students that you have next year are very lucky!”

– E, student (GCSE Combined Science, Summer 2018)


“I would like to thank you so so much for all those hours you put into helping me towards those exams. My best grades were actually in Combined Science and so I couldn’t have done it without you.”

– N, student (GCSE Combined Science, Summer 2018)


“Our son attended weekly one to one tutorial sessions  with Cat for six months prior to his GCSEs.   He studied  Physics, Biology and Chemistry with her and achieved excellent GCSE results in all three subjects  (one Grade 8 and two Grade 7s).  Cat helped to build his confidence in each of the subjects and I have no doubt that the work she did with him helped him to improve his knowledge and understanding of the subjects, as well as his exam technique.   As well as being an excellent teacher, Cat is very approachable and friendly.  She is an excellent tutor and we feel very lucky to have found her!”

– J&R, parents (Summer 2018)


“I contacted Cat to help my daughter with triple science. She is dyslexic and it takes her longer to understand new concepts. Cat has been amazing with her. Cat has explained everything very clearly and allowed her to ask questions. At school this was not always possible due to the class size and fear of asking questions if she didn’t understand the first time.
Cat is very passionate and enthusiastic about science and makes it fun. I have been very impressed with the effort Cat has gone too in lesson planning. She is very organised and uses a variety of teaching methods. Cat is very up to date with exam board specification and taught my daughter all the required practicals. As Cat can teach GCSE chemistry, physics and biology I did not need to find separate tutors.
Cat has given my daughter confidence to tackle the harder questions that she previously thought were beyond her. I only wish we had found Cat sooner!”

– H, parent (Summer 2018)


“This is my poem from me to you
I’ll keep it short, and give thanks too

From flame tests to magnets we’ve had it all
But Le Chatelier is of course best of them all

We’ve had a few tears from all that maths
But we’ve survived it all without becoming a sociopath

You’ve taught me so much, some life skills too
Now I know water comes from rain my debts are due

To Horris, Sid and Princess Peach
Thanks for helping me narrow the reach

To my GCSEs, I bid farewell
But not before my test on power cells

We’ve talked schooling, French and birds as well
With tea and fountain pen ready to tell

My brain is flagging, I’ll stop here
Thanks again for helping me overcome my science fear”

– E, student (GCSE Triple Sciences, Summer 2018)